Cheese - Midwest

     Cheese - Midwestern U.S.

     Report 34 - Released on August 22, 2018

     *** NOTICE *** The top end of the price range for Wisconsin Wholesale Selling Price for
     Mozzarella, 5 - 6#, from Report 33 was $2.7125/lb, corrected from $2.6450/lb - the price
     had not been updated from the previous week.

     Demand reports throughout August have been similar. Mozzarella, provolone, and curd orders
     have been strong or strengthening, while cheddar/specialty producers have seen slowdowns.
     This week, however, orders are steady to stronger across the board. Pizza cheesemakers are
     citing new and returning college students as a primary factor in their continued demand
     upticks, not to mention an overall bump in dining out activity. Some specialty cheesemakers
     are beginning to ramp up production ahead of the holiday season, but as milk prices are up
     relative to much of the previous year, some plant managers are reducing production activity
     when possible. Spot milk prices are unchanged: $.50 under to $2.00 over Class III. Most
     prices are at the flat Class mark, but a number of cheesemakers are not taking on any extra
     milk due to the recent price shift. There are expectations that once initial school orders
     begin to settle, spot milk prices will settle comparably. Cheese market tones are mostly
     bullish. CME barrel prices saw a noticeable price correction downward Tuesday, ending up
     below block prices. That said, this is generally viewed as a more comfortable price
     arrangement by industry contacts than the inverse.

     The DMN National Retail Report-Dairy shows that August 17-23 Midwest ads for 8 ounce shred
     cheese have a weighted average advertised price of $2.06, 37 cents below the national
     average. Midwest prices range from $1.99-$2.50. One year ago, the national price was $2.28.
     For 8 ounce blocks, the Midwest average price is $1.99, 39 cents below the national average
     price. Midwest ads are priced from $1.99-$2.00. Last year, the national price was $2.37.

     Midwestern wholesale prices are unchanged for Swiss Cuts, up $.1325 for process and up
     $.0450 for other types.

     Blue 5 pounds                       2.2850-3.2725
     Brick 5 pounds                      2.0175-2.4425
     Cheddar 40 pound Block              1.7450-2.1400
     Monterey Jack 10 pounds             1.9925-2.1975
     Mozzarella 5-6 pounds               1.8175-2.7575
     Muenster 5 pounds                   2.0175-2.4425
     Process American 5 pound Loaf       1.7625-2.1225
     Swiss 6-9 pound Cuts                2.6525-2.7700

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